Final score: View from the Zarasai observation deck, 1 – Fear of heights, 0. Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius. #realisbeautiful #welcometolithuania #beautifulLithuania #nature #observationtower #architecture #lake #greenery #visitLithuania.
Why should everyone visit Lithuania? We won’t even try to answer this question ourselves – instead, we’ve asked the some of Lithuania’s biggest celebrities to tell us why they think Lithuania is a beautiful place to live. And we’re launching a new hashtag – so when you’re planning your visit Lithuania, search for #WelcomeToLithuania to explore beautiful moments from all over the country, captured specially for you by locals.
An unexpected pleasure awaits you at the top of Uošvė hill in Nida, Lithuania. Step inside this beautiful cottage, and you’ll be instantly immersed in the life of celebrated novelist Thom Mann, who spent his summers here. And when you open the door to leave, the limitless panorama of the Curonian Lagoon awaits. For more info, visit: Photo credit: Gediminas Mažeika.
Almost every pine tree in Rambynas National Park is crowned with a stork’s nest. People say it's the only place in Lithuania where the birds outnumber the people! #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #wildnature #travelling #visitLithuania. Photo credit: Rasuolė Andrulienė.
The water temperature in Lithuania’s lakes is currently over 20 degrees Celsius. Fancy a swim? #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #nature #lake #travelling #visitLithuania Photo credit: Aistė Jūrė.
It's half past ten in the morning as you sit reading on the jetty in Preila, swinging your legs in the cool water. Just as you turn the page, a seabird tries to steal the last bite of your bread. That’s about as much drama as you can expect here, away from the noise and chaos of the big city.
Who ever said there’s such a thing as “too much greenery”? Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #greenery #wildnature #lonelytree #sunset #travelling #visitLithuania
You come to rest in front of a giant sundial – a sign that you’re nearing the end of your 43km-long hike along the Curonian Spit. The monument’s unique design, and the tranquility of this spot on top of the dunes, persuade you to linger just a little longer to enjoy the panorama that opens up before you. To find out more about ways to enjoy the Curonian Spit on foot, by bike or on the water, visit Photo credit: Gediminas Mažeika.
You climb to the top of the observation tower at Kirkilai, near Biržai in northern Lithuania. As the sun slowly sets, you take your time to admire a unique landscape featuring more than 30 sink holes filled with water to form tiny lakes, surrounded by lush greenery – and soundtracked by a symphony of birdsong. Photo credit: Giedrius Akelis.
An adventure with nature is waiting around every bend in the road. Photo credit: Vaidas Gegužis. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #road #greenery #nature #adventure #travelling #visitLithuania.
It's half past noon in Birštonas, and the hot sun makes you thirstier with every step. Thankfully, you soon come to this curious yellow building. Stepping inside, your pour a little water from a tap and take a sip – delicious sparkling water, straight from Birštonas’s famous subterranean springs! For more info, visit Photo credit: Gintaras Vitulskis.
After a day spent walking the narrow streets of Kaunas Old-Town, just a few steps off the beaten track will take you to see the sun setting over the lush banks of the River Nemunas. Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #kaunas2022 #kaunastic #sunset #greenary #visitLithuania.
As the first rays of sun warm your cheeks, a forest of lush greenery greets you through the window. A dreamy night in a treetop cabin is the perfect romantic getaway – and a unforgettable experience for those who want to explore western Lithuania's nature from every angle. Photo credit: Aistė Krasauskienė. Photo source: „Taurų parkas“.
There’s a saying that things always look better in photos. Take a walk along the treetop path in Anykščiai, and you’ll see real life can be even more beautiful. Photo credit: Monika Fėja. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #treetop #nature #beautiful #walkingpath #visitLithuania.
Wherever you wander around Nida, you won’t go wrong if you head for the lighthouse – you’re guaranteed to get the perfect picture. Photo credit: Deimantė Litvinaitė. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #Nida #traveling #visitLithuania
A journey around Lithuania isn't just about the destinations you choose - it's what you discover in between. Photo credit: Tomas Vyštartas. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #road #sunset #greennature #visitlithuania
The place where two worlds meet. Photo credit: Gytis Skucas. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #plane #panorama #CuronianSpit #visitlithuania
Descend into the heart of a mystery at the ‘Devil’s Hole’. Photo credit: Ramūnas Sukauskas. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #wildnature #stairs #greenery #visitlithuania
When you take a trip up the observation tower at Merkinė in southern Lithuania, it's hard to know what will leave your head-spinning more: the twisting spiral staircase, or the lush, tree-lined landscape of Dzukija. Photo credit: Gediminas Mažeika.
Give your trip to Lithuania a glow. Photo credit: Remigijus Svilas. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #nature #sunset #lakes #visitlithuania