Climbing those 214 stairs is totally worth it. As you reach the top of the Observation Tower in Labanoras Regional Park, your hands instinctively grasp for your camera – the breathtaking bird’s eye view of forests and lakes covered with a blanket of snow deserves more than one shot. Photo credit: Laimonas Ciūnys
The last of the sun’s rays touch your cheeks as it sets over Nida. It’s time for a fresh start. And Lithuania’s Curonian Spit, included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites, might just be the perfect winter getaway to gather your thoughts: Photo credit: Marija Kisieliūtė
The first sunrise of 2018 illuminates the sky. Let this year be filled with a countless first times and extraordinary experiences, hidden away among the delightful scenery of the Lithuanian countryside. Photo credit: Jonas Stonys. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #newyear #winter #countryside #peaceandquiet #morningview #visitLithuania
You’re standing on the dunes in Palanga, watching the sun set for the last time this year. All the worries of the past 12 months are blown away by the chilly breeze. You feel refreshed and ready for a new start. In a couple of days, the sky will be lit by fireworks marking the New Year, and celebrating Lithuania’s 100 years of independence. Find out more about Palanga at
You lose yourself in the natural maze of an untouched Lithuanian forest of fir trees. Your steps feel a little heavy – the fault of Christmas dinner more than the thick blanket of snow. But with every step, you feel lighter. There’s nothing more refreshing than clean, crisp winter air. Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius