Visit this observation tower at Kirkilai in Northern Lithuania, and you may be in for a double treat. As you take in the stunning panorama, you could be lucky enough to enjoy the delicious home-made pancakes that locals sometimes serve up to guests of the tower! Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius.
The clock tower of Kaunas Town Hall has marked thousands of the happiest moments in people's lives. As the city’s most popular place to get married, it has also heard more people say "I do"! Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #visitLithuania #Kaunas #architecture
Following in the footsteps of countless pilgrims, you enter the Basilica of the Birth of the Virgin Mary in Šiluva. As you approach the altar, your eyes fall upon the celebrated image of Our Lady of Šiluva – marking the nearby spot where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared, the first of only five such sightings in the whole of Europe. Photo credit: Zenonas Rotautas.
You’re all set. One last glance down the snow-covered slopes, and you’re off! Kalita Hill, situated in Anykščiai in Lithuania’s northeast, doesn’t seem so challenging from a distance – but as you race downhill, the adrenaline pumping through your veins tells a very different story! For more info, visit: Photo credit: Zenonas Rotautas.
If we talk about Klaipėda, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Meridianas. Moored in the heart of the city, this spectacular sailing ship is now home to a delicious fine-dining restaurant. Climb aboard, and you literally see the ship’s history beneath your feet – thanks to a glass floor that showcases its magnificent preserved timbers! Photo credit: Artūras Lukševičius.
A few days ago a hundred freedom fires burned as Lithuania began counting its second century of independence. Just this once, nobody minded washing the smell of wood smoke from their hair. Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #visitLithuania #Lithuania #independence #fire #celebration #100 #atkurtai #Lietuvai
Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh, wintry beauty of Lithuania's forests. With trees covering nearly one-third of our country, it’s no wonder the air is so pure.
The presidential palace in Kaunas was restored to the way it was on February 16, 1918, to mark Lithuania's Act of Independence. So if you’re in Kaunas in the aftermath of our centenary celebrations, be sure to catch a glimpse of what life was like here 100 years ago. Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #visitLithuania #Lithuania #independence #Kaunas #presidential #palace
It was a magnificent weekend in Lithuania, when the national joy filled the whole country. „Yellow-green-red“ – this is how towns across the country were coloured. The Centennial Celebration has only just began! We welcome everyone to celebrate together all the year long!
Trakai island castle: this stronghold that once protected our land, now welcomes you to witness the echoes of our history. Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #visitLithuania #Lithuania #Trakai #Castle #Stronghold #history #aerial #winter #nature
This is our big day! The whole of Lithuania is celebrating: exactly 100 years ago, we regained our independence. Today, you’ll see crowds flocking from one event to the next. Hundreds of bonfires will light up the streets, and the sound of church bells will invite all to stop for a moment and pay tribute to our country’s heroes. But most importantly, our flag will be flying on almost every building in the land – demonstrating our unity, love and belief in the modern, strong, independent Lithuania we live in!
This is our big day! The whole of Lithuania is celebrating: exactly 100 years ago, we regained our independence. Our flag will be flying on almost every building in the land – demonstrating our unity, love and belief in the modern, strong, independent Lithuania we live in! Photo credit: Andrius Kundrotas
It's the eve of Lithuania's official centenary celebrations. As you walk through Kaunas, the significance of this, the country’s former temporary capital, is proudly on display. Vibrant colours light up the many buildings in which the spirit of freedom burned brightly for 100 years. Photo credit: Evaldas Virketis.
Anyone who has visited the cliffs at Pučkoriai in winter knows there's nothing like a walk through nature, gently touched by frost. Photo credit: Zenonas Rotautas #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #visitLithuania #snow #stairs #winter #forest
Wherever you are today in Lithuania, you’ll find devils and witches dancing away winter! British newspaper The Guardian called Užgavėnės (as Shrove Tuesday is known) “one of Europe’s best alternative carnivals”. With masked parades, a wrestling match between “lard man” and “hemp man”, the burning of a giant wicker effigy, and plenty of pancakes – it’s easy to see why!
In the early 20th century, a pastor in the town of Ramygala used this church as a secret library to educate locals – at a time when owning books in the Lithuanian language was highly illegal. Putting his life on the line, the patriotic priest inspired a generation of young writers. Photo credit: Aurelija Šiugždaitė. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #visitLithuania #church #architecture #sky #frost #winter #contrast
Strolling through the narrow streets of Vilnius Old Town, you’re attracted by buildings lit with vivid yellow, green and red lights. As any passer-by will tell you, they’re the colours of Lithuania’s flag – and to mark the 100th anniversary of our restored independence, we’re lighting up the very buildings where our freedom was born.
Perched above the pretty coastal resort of Nida, Uošvės hill offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Curonian Lagoon. As you reach the top, it becomes clear why this spot is loved by artists from all over Lithuania. It’s a view that simply begs to be painted. For more activities in Nida, visit: Photo credit: Zenonas Rotautas.
Talk about a majestic ending! Setting the sky ablaze, the sun bids good night over Kretuonykštis lake in the eastern part of Lithuania. Photo credit: Šarūnas Medžioklis. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #visitLithuania #winter #lake #frozen #sky #fusion
In zipper-like fashion, two ice floes come together for companionship in their march towards the inevitable spring melt. Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #visitLithuania #winter #river #ice #floes #pancakes #zipper