Wherever you go in Vilnius, be sure to keep your smartphone handy. Astounding architecture awaits you around every corner. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #VIlnius #architecture #urban #travel #visitLithuania Photo credit: @daugvinas
In Lithuanian poetry, the forest around Anykščiai has long been a symbol of the ties between nature and human spiritual wealth. And as you follow the walkway between the treetops, you won't just feel the poetry in the nature around you – you can even reach out and touch it. For more info, visit: http://bit.ly/2IjrSxq. Photo credit: Monika Fėja.
To appreciate some of Lithuania's natural treasures, you sometimes need to put in a bit of effort. And when you stop to catch your breath – keep floating, and enjoy the view from a different angle. Photo credit: Aistė Jūrė.
Straight out of a fantasy movie, and into Lithuania's scenery. Phot credit: Eglė Švedaitė. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #wildnature #whitehourse #visitLithuania
If you’re wandering around Užupis, it won’t be long before you stumble upon Open Kitchen, the weekly open-air food market held in Vilnius every Friday during summer. There, you’ll find good music, a chilled crowd, and a dozen food trucks offering a wide selection of different cuisine. Everything you need to get your weekend off to an early start. Photo credit: „Open Kitchen“.
Sometimes it's hard to appreciate nature’s gifts… until you find the right perspective. Photo credit: Vaidas Gegužis. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #arealview #wildnature #road #visitLithuania
The cliffs at Pučkoriai are a remarkable work of nature – and within easy reach of Vilnius city centre. But before you step into this oasis of greenery, there are some rules you need to follow - walk slowly, keep your eyes wide open… and enjoy the deepest, freshest breaths you’ve ever taken. Photo credit: Vaidas Gegužis.
The Danė river on your right; beautiful half-timbered houses on your left – and dozens of happy people chatting around every bench along the waterfront. It's a perfect picture of Klaipėda 24/7 in the spring, as the chilled-out mood of the day turns into a buzzing night-time vibe. Photo credit: Paulius Kalmantas.
In Vilnius, all roads lead to the Cathedral. Photo credit: Gintaras Jonaitis. #realisbeautiful #beutifulLithuania #cathedral #citylights #exploreculture #visitLithuania
Every place in Lithuania is the source of countless legends. And Stelmužė, being one of the oldest oak trees in the whole of Europe, has plenty of stories to tell. Some say it has treasure buried beneath its roots, or an entrance to the underworld – the thing is, you never know what you’ll discover until you immerse yourself in the mysteries of northeast Lithuania. Photo credit: Rasuolė Andrulienė.
As you walk along the beach in Palanga, each wave washes a few more of your worries away. Photo credit: Laimonas Ciūnys. #realisbeautiful #neautifulLithuania #BalticSea #nature #visitLithuania
Turn the first page of your fairytale journey into Lithuania's nature. Photo credit: Dovilė Jakštaitė. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #wildnature #greenery #visitLithuania
If you visit a tiny port of Nida, a natural wonder of Lithuania on Curonian Spit, some mouth-watering smells are sure to reach your nose. The vimba fish festival is here, and you’ll find the freshly-caught regional delicacy being grilled over an open fire. Take a bite – it's an authentic taste of Lithuania. Photo credit: Klaudijus Driskius.
The harmonious sounds of guitar, trumpet and saxophone fill the air, as the annual Kaunas Jazz festival takes over the streets of the city's Old Town. Swing along and join in the fun with local and foreign jazz-lovers alike – it's an unmissable experience! Photo credit: Andrius Aleksandravičius.
Lithuania's fauna strikes a pose for that perfect picture. Photo credit: Ričardas Anusauskas. #seaeagle #wildnature #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #seenature #visitLithuania
Countless lakes are just one of the things you'll adore about Lithuania's nature. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #wildnature #lakes #spring #visitLithuania Photo credit: Marius Jovaiša.
It’s always good to pay homage to a great artist. So if you stumble upon this larger-than-life statue of Tony Soprano created by a Lithuanian artist, on a disused platform at Vilnius railway station, there’s no need to hurry by. Relax, grab a drink from the cafe nearby, and enjoy the urban landscape – just like the locals do. Photo credit: Lina Juškauskaitė.
Vilnius is a bit like a poetry – you can rediscover it a million times, and every time it will be a little different. #realisbeautiful #beautifulLithuania #oldtown #architecture #citylights #visitLithuania Photo credit: Laimonas Ciūnys.
After a trip to Trakai, you'll be sure to take a piece of Lithuania’s mediaeval history home in your photo gallery. It's impossible to miss a shot of the castle’s impressive towers, halls and tunnels – or its rich collection of works by artists and artisans. Photo credits: Rytis Rakštikas.
Thanks to its curious shape, locals nick-named this observation tower the “sinking boat”. But the only thing it’s drowning in, is the infinite beauty of Lithuania’s nature. #realisbeautiful beautifulLithuania #wildnature #greenery #observationtower #seenature #visitLithuania. Photo credit: Giedrius Akelis.